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  1. How to mod apps ?

    Hey everyone newbie here, can someone explain me how apps are modified(like bypassing premium features for free)? and how can I learn it ? Thank you..
  2. Just Loving 2D Boys 👀

    hey!! ✌ It's just me or does 2d boys are more handsome and kind then.... 😥😐 Alright... have anyone already played mystic code?? I'm starting today and I'm a little lost 😂😂
  3. How can a newbie, who isnt a modder or a hacker, efficiently earn sb cash?

    Beside the youtube subscription giveaway (which is a wonderful thing :love::inlovedroid:), how can someone like me earn 20.000 SB Points to unlock the game i want? I basically only get the daily login bonus, i don't know what else to do, can someone give me ideas? I have no content to share with...
  4. A new Modder

    I am very fond of mod games and I really want to be a Modder. So I appreciated your help. I heard rumors that there is a lot of tutorial for the new modders, but Unfortunately I can't find any. Do you guys help me a favour or share some tutorial link. By the way, I haven't any computer and have...
  5. im new in here, lets be friends!

    I've already put everything on the title so it's up to you now to hmu or not :3 1533401712 How to earn exps????!
  6. Old New Timer Member

    Hi guys! I was able to write a beginning for my introduction as was suggested in my Welcome Message. I decided to put it off, however, until I was in a more ideal circumstance. A few minutes of harmless (or so I thought) browsing of the forums, and I was helplessly lured by the numerous apps...
  7. What shall I do if I want to ask about mod not working?

    I tried beginners guide but it was fruitless.. I apologizes if asking this question here is not appropriate, but I don't know where to post this.. If you can help this poor newbie, I would really appreciate it.
  8. This is like 6th grade all over..

    Heyyyyyyyy,I just want some of dat mods :inlovedroid:~ (still don't know how Introduce myself XD) Some of the things I like are: anime, The Sims (any game on any console.), ......fanfics, Steven Universe, Mobile games, Kpop, korean Indie music, teaaaa.. Hope to spread some kindness to anyone...
  9. Hi Guys , Newbie Here

    Hi Guys, I have just joined, My name is Sean and I am based in Ireland, I came across this site as I had searched for an android mod community, I am really interesting in developing mod's and Very interested In testing Your Mods, I will respect the rules of this forum and never share any...
  10. Hello, I'm new...

    Hi everyone, just wanted to give a shout out to all the awesome people on this site. I'm glad I found it 😃