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  1. Imagine you are reborn as a god and you have the choice to make the world to your liking. What would you do?

    I'm pretty sure being a god might be tiring, being it in the DragonBall series, Religiously or any other type of God really. But let's imagine, we get to play god of a new world. What would you want this world to be? How many continents, laws, natural or supernatural. What's your take on it?
  2. Biggest fear(not like dark or falling) something that creeps you out.

    I know being buried alive or burned to death are terrible ways to go but, I'm talking more about creepy things. My example is that when I was younger I had the same dream three times. I would wake up and the TV would be on static. So, I would reach up and try to turn my bedroom light on by...
  3. Old New Timer Member

    Hi guys! I was able to write a beginning for my introduction as was suggested in my Welcome Message. I decided to put it off, however, until I was in a more ideal circumstance. A few minutes of harmless (or so I thought) browsing of the forums, and I was helplessly lured by the numerous apps...