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  1. Oi!

    Title of your introduction thread: Oi!How did you find us? Google Which types of games do you usually play? Most of it, but I'm in love with the novel kind in the momet Something about me: Love art, draw, papper cutting, tattoo... I'm not used with forum, so I got a little bit lost here...
  2. ๐ˆ๐๐“๐‘๐Ž๐ƒ๐”๐‚๐“๐ˆ๐Ž๐

    Title of your introduction thread: ๐ˆ๐๐“๐‘๐Ž๐ƒ๐”๐‚๐“๐ˆ๐Ž๐How did you find us? I found sbenny in google when i was looking for a mod...i kept scrolling and looking bc most of the mods were fake or outdated..and then i saw this sbenny..and i thought..i should give it a try...and then boom! It worked! It was...
  3. Hello people!

    Title of your introduction thread: Hello people!How did you find us? I found sbenny.com when I was searching for The Manga Works Mod Apk. Which types of games do you usually play? Pixel strategy games like The Manga Works, PUBG Mobile, Bully, Morphite, etc. Something about me: I am a 1st...
  4. I'm introducing myself, so..

    Title of your introduction thread: I'm introducing myself, so..How did you find us? As I have said before (May 18, 2018) from one of the threads here, I was looking for a paid APK of Witch Spring 3 that made me discover the existence of this community. Which types of games do you usually play...
  5. Hey!

    Hello! I am Alicia and I enjoy making new friends, so don't hesitate to chat me up!
  6. Hi pops!!! nice to meet ya

    Hi everyone from Italy!!! Happy to have found a forum like this!!!!! Thanks sbenny for all!!!!
  7. Sup

    I'm Lena, primarily a PC gamer. Here for story driven games, rpgs, adventure for tablet and phone. Lucky patcher is as far as my modding ability goes! xD
  8. Hewwo!

    uwu Hi everyone! I'm Helene, a user of this site for almost 4 months already but.... kinda forgot to make a thread to introduce myself here properly and all ajsjkdl Anyways, I'm here not only to play the gifts that our great modders do (THANK YOU ALL!!! asdghfkl we are blessed and super...
  9. Late intro I guess...?

    Hello there! New member in this site... I hope I can contribute to this forum, even though my knowledge in mods is minimal to none... :lol:
  10. Hello everyone

    For the sake of simplicity, my name is Xena and i am 20 years old. One of my biggest passions is gaming (right next to music), and i'm always on a lookout for something new and interesting to play. I've played many genres, many different games, and my favorite games are the ones that have a...
  11. Old New Timer Member

    Hi guys! I was able to write a beginning for my introduction as was suggested in my Welcome Message. I decided to put it off, however, until I was in a more ideal circumstance. A few minutes of harmless (or so I thought) browsing of the forums, and I was helplessly lured by the numerous apps...
  12. Introduction

    Hi! My name is Jim. I really like to draw & sleep in my bedroom all day HHAHAHAHA I hope we can get along~
  13. Hey

    Hello. Not particularly new, but have yet to introduce myself. Just want to say thanks to the modders out there for their tireless work xo :dinodance:
  14. Hello; goodbye

    LordMandoogle here. I'm a shy little lurker. Likes: midnoon naps, anything with zombies in it, post-apocalyptic\dystopian future stories. Dislikes: early mornings, running out of coffee, not having anything to read. I quietly judge people for their taste in literature, though mine is likely...
  15. *waves* hey :)

    Hellou :3 i have been here for a couple of months but i never introduced myself (i think hahah) so i'm happy to be here, i'm new to the mod/hacking stuff :3 Thank you everyone who works hard to bring to us everything <3 specially otome games you know *wink wink* hahah Have a nice day!
  16. Here we go.

    Hello! You can call me Lola, I am from Germany and soon to be 20 years old (o_O). I am obsessed with animals and the main reason I joined this site is because I have no patience for games whatsoever, especially those you have to wait or pay to win. I guess that would be all? I am always open to...
  17. Hello World!

    I am Spari, who goes under numerous aliases such as Sparey, Sparrow, and spare me from this ridiculous introduction. I've been lurking around and trying this site out for a couple of weeks, and finally decided to introduce myself! This site has a nice community, and the mods don't have...
  18. Hello! Name's VonWay

    This place is great! A nice place to download games from
  19. Hello everyone!

    Heeellooo! ^^ Firts of all, i want to thank u for this site. I really love it. I found out a lot of cool games here. Im just an ordinary person who loves to play games. Please welcome me as a new one member of this community! :)
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