1. Aloha Everyone

    Title of your introduction thread: Aloha EveryoneHow did you find us? Google is to blame. Which types of games do you usually play? RPG, Simulator, Life-Sim, Racing, MoBA, MMOs, Adventure, Puzzle, Platformer, Strategy Something about me: I am new here, so nice to meet you all. I hope to be...
  2. Still learning

    I'm new and I still have problems with orientation lol Just need to get used to it. But glad to be here :)
  3. Old New Timer Member

    Hi guys! I was able to write a beginning for my introduction as was suggested in my Welcome Message. I decided to put it off, however, until I was in a more ideal circumstance. A few minutes of harmless (or so I thought) browsing of the forums, and I was helplessly lured by the numerous apps...
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