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  1. [Apkeditor's] Ultimate Patch-Collection

    Updated Patches for ApkEditor! (Some from me) ッ
  2. hi!

    hi! i'm new here and just wanted to make friends, lol. i guess i'll go for the basic question: what's your favorite season. mines between fall and spring. what about you?
  3. Can anyone recommend games, that are similar to Life is Strange

    Well like more on the story without the multiplayer and other online BS for P2W
  4. New Phone Suggestions

    Hey fellas im planning to buy something that is little bit cheap but have good cpu-gpu i got Xiomi Mi9T Pro in my mind but since im using Samsung Note 4 for 3-4 Years and saw the capability of Note series i may buy Samsung Note 8 by adding more money but feel free to make some suggestions since...
  5. any Anime lover? Suggest me anime

    I love DB, Naruto, DrStone Tokyo Ghoul and a lot more but if u have suggestions plz send it to me
  6. Still learning

    I'm new and I still have problems with orientation lol Just need to get used to it. But glad to be here :)
  7. New way of doing things

    Hello everyone, Hope you are all doing fine. So I've been wondering now for quite a while about this thing I'll introduce to you. As we all know, thanks to Sbenny community we were able to get any app/ game we want just by a simple request and people here will get your back and give you what...
  8. A new Modder

    I am very fond of mod games and I really want to be a Modder. So I appreciated your help. I heard rumors that there is a lot of tutorial for the new modders, but Unfortunately I can't find any. Do you guys help me a favour or share some tutorial link. By the way, I haven't any computer and have...
  9. Need a MOD APK for 火影忍者OL(忍者新世代) (Naruto OL (Ninja New Generations)

    What's the name of the game you're asking help for? 火影忍者OL(忍者新世代) (Naruto OL (Ninja New Generations)) Is this game playable online only? Yes: this game can be played in online mode only. Is this a paid game? No Google Play link: (Side Note: This game not...
  10. New here. This place seems super legit

    Ive always been really interested in hacks and modding but i cannot fathom how to do such things