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  1. Let’s try something different!

    Hello everyone! The name is Rain. I think it might be fun if I introduced myself - and we get to know each other - by using one sentence to tell your life story. Just one, short sentence. I’ll start. “I am a beautiful mess of complex contradictions.”
  2. hi!

    hi! i'm new here and just wanted to make friends, lol. i guess i'll go for the basic question: what's your favorite season. mines between fall and spring. what about you?
  3. Hi pops!!! nice to meet ya

    Hi everyone from Italy!!! Happy to have found a forum like this!!!!! Thanks sbenny for all!!!!
  4. Hello everyone

    For the sake of simplicity, my name is Xena and i am 20 years old. One of my biggest passions is gaming (right next to music), and i'm always on a lookout for something new and interesting to play. I've played many genres, many different games, and my favorite games are the ones that have a...
  5. Hey

    Hello. Not particularly new, but have yet to introduce myself. Just want to say thanks to the modders out there for their tireless work xo :dinodance: