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  1. Tabs thing

    So my little suggestion is quite simple to be honest. Just make the tab refresh into the next page you went to rather than creating a separate tab. For example, you're in a tab and click on an Ad to get a SB reward, after watching the Ad you end up with 2 tabs.
  2. Game Request System

    The state of Game Request right now is full chaos, specially the Help requests. The game request tab is hard to navigate on, what I mean is, new game request gets stacked on by request boosters and numerous other request that isn't gonna or isn't getting solved wasting 100 SB points that you...
  3. Design and customization of website

    What i have in my mind is if green is not fixed as standard colour of sbenny or unless sbenny want to be recognized only by green colour. Website could add colour custmization for headers and outilines and general theme just like it switches in dark mode although i like sbenny site as it is but...
  4. More choices to categories in club making

    It would nice to have categories that aren't very specific but at the same time be related to eachother, like videogames instead of consoles/pc. Many games are available in both, however its hard to make a specific club without having more variety of choices. This would definitely help in making...
  5. ✅ Solved "What to do if you got banned?"

    Good day, We have many rules, sometimes some break those rules by accident (or intentionally). I did some digging/research, it's easy to assume that, unless *you* get banned *you* won't know what to do. It would be instinctive to make a new account to protest, but having multi-accounts is also...
  6. Music suggestion today?

    I love listening to music but hardly know many songs as i usually put my playlist on repeat.What songs should we listen to today? Are they joyful, energetic, or are they slow-melody ones with sad lyrics? Please share your opinions ^^ You may start with saying whether your suggestions are...
  7. Country , 80' Music Suggestions

    Howdy partners mario here , i have lots of music suggestions for you if u are a country gal and old music lover . Also dont forget to comment good songs so i can add them to thread. Beach Boys - Wouldnt It Be Nice Crawl out through fallout baby Dion - The Wanderer Dont Fence Me In Way Back Home...
  8. New Phone Suggestions

    Hey fellas im planning to buy something that is little bit cheap but have good cpu-gpu i got Xiomi Mi9T Pro in my mind but since im using Samsung Note 4 for 3-4 Years and saw the capability of Note series i may buy Samsung Note 8 by adding more money but feel free to make some suggestions since...
  9. Relaunch Sbenny.

    *Relaunching the site is nothing but a psychological thing, a symbol for a fresh start. +Start a retweet challenge; give a retweet goal with a "Redeem code" as a reward. ++Note: Just ONE code would be enough, we don't want a repeat of the YT giveaway incident. Disclaimer: I personally don't want...
  10. Exclusive Game = SB Cash generator.

    It's a very popular idea to get SB Points from playing a game, As people would suggest it, but with little to no help on how to implement it. (realistically and safely.) I always reply with: Use Polls, make Game Reviews and Record Gameplay. Also, most members confuse the comments sections in...
  11. Gif of the month competition

    Roll on roll up ........the sbenny gif making competition ....easy enough for all to join in ...this gif has to be sbenny related ...about a member or a thread or whatever you want we could then set a poll for the top 10 selected by staff 😉 winning member receives and exclusive status Gif of the...
  12. SB Cash Weekly/Monthly Bonus

    Hey there! I think it would be great if users got a SB Points bonus after logging in everyday for a whole week, for example 10 cash for a full week. And/or another 20 SB Points if you logged in every single day for a whole month. It would be a way of rewarding users that log in often, but...
  13. Invite perks

    I think it might be a good idea to get like an invite link for people to sign up that we as users can send and if people sign up using them maybe we get a perk like an icon by our name or something it adds traffic to the sight and gives incentives for people to bring friends
  14. Suggestion on farming sb money

    Link the account(s) you play with to SBenny and Everytime you earn a achievement in the game, you get sb, also set up community achievements to get sb
  15. Bank related thingy

    Hi, hello. First, Im sorry if Im in the wrong section of forum. But I want to ask in related with this solved post; It was said that the bank auto interest collection is enabled/return again. So I was...
  16. Bump Request

    It would be nice if we could spend part of our sbenny cash into bumping our requests. So the modders would get most of the cash spent into bumping the request. For example: I requested modded apk for X game - I put 1000 sbenny cash into getting it. I don't know if that would be possible. :D
  17. ✅ Solved Things we bought section??

    Hi! As you may have already noticed, I'm new here and honestly, it took me a little bit of time to find my way on this site. And so far I've been loving it, well because of you know.. games. Since making an account here, I've bought a lot of game mods with SB Points. And I was wondering if...
  18. Adding Online Game Section

    Great Team I would love make a Suggestion Of Adding a Game Section like an Online Game Section where Users can Play Games without installing The App. Both Most Time it do need Using Adobe Flash player.
  19. Any recommendations???

    Hi everyone!! I'm looking for more games to play, I prefer simulators/visual novels but I would try almost anything - any suggestions??
  20. Suggest movies (Dystopian/apocalyptic)

    Can anyone suggest me some good dystopian future or post-apocalypse movies or maybe series? Something like The Road, The Rain?