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  1. How to embed a savefile into an apk?

    Hello, im trying to embed a savefile into a apk, so when the game first loads up it already has the savefile embedded. A Tutorial by the user Axiom has dead links, so I can't follow that. The game im trying to do this in a game called 'Angry Birds Epic' and the savefiles are in .xml format...
  2. 📖 Tutorial Automated Simple Toast Menu

    I'm happy to share a patch I made for apps, such has, APKEditor, APKEditor Pro+(CTB Mod), and many other modding apps. Description: This app will put a custom toast message in your app, so you don't have to yourself. All you need to do is modify the txt, then patch whatever app you want your...
  3. explain like i'm five: help with easy apk tool.

    i mean it when i say like i'm five! this is my first time messing with apks ever, i've had the easy tool on my pc for less than an hour and i'm very confused. any help whatsoever would be deeply appreciated. full error log is "'java' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable...