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  1. How to embed a savefile into an apk?

    Hello, im trying to embed a savefile into a apk, so when the game first loads up it already has the savefile embedded. A Tutorial by the user Axiom has dead links, so I can't follow that. The game im trying to do this in a game called 'Angry Birds Epic' and the savefiles are in .xml format...
  2. A better way to use helium backup

    ♙ Open the Game that u want to play till the main menu of the game or Download menu ( Sometimes The app is telling you that u should download a Necessary data in the game, but that not be necessary if the file that u want to restore alrd had it *tehee....) ♘ Close the game and open Helium...
  3. The Arcana Mod

    Hello there, I recently downloaded The Arcana Mod, but It doesn't login in my gmail account. Is there any other way to save my progresses in the game? Also sorry for my bad English
  4. Save game hacking

    Hello guys if you play a game which has save game or data shown in Android data folder that can be hacked, so I have tested on few games like I have recently hacked Soul Warriors premium data, and also hacked Titan Quest save games, if you guys need a hacked save or data of a game which can be...
  5. Soul Warriors premium hacked data for 1.1

    Hello Friends, this is hacked data for Soul Warriors premium 1.1 Just extract the data, copy and paste in your data folder in Android then play and enjoy
  6. League of Stickman 2018-Ninja Arena PvP Modded Save File

    NAME: Legend of Stickman 2018 - Ninja Arena PvP Version: v5.1.2 Root: Yes. Non rooted version coming soon Description: League of Stickman is one of stickman style cross-action mobile game, it's stickman fighters, smash up all enemies! blow all monsters! Ultimate challenge! An original...