1. Basic Cracking Terms

    These are very basic cracking terms everyone should before they get into a forum, a group, or a cracking site. Combolist: There are 2 kinds of Combolists USER-PASS and EMAIL-PASS As you might be able to tell from the Names of them they are the combination of Usernames & passwords, or emails...
  2. How To "Recover" Accounts (Windows Only)

    This is for educational purposes only!!! DO NOT use this for any illegal, or nefarious, means :) Now, there are lots of tools you can use, but my favorite is Openbullet. It's open-source, and hosted on GitHub. Requirements: ~ Windows OS ~ At least 4GBs of RAM (8GBs+ Suggested) ~ Config File...
  3. .Net Cracking Tutorials with 6 Actual Projects by DarkEnergy + Some RE eBooks

    Hi All, I managed to get some awesome .net cracking tutorials so here is a tutorial guide on step by step solution with images and excamples on cracking the protection of : Target Application: Helium Music Manager Target Application: PC WorkBreak Target Application: Black Bird System Info...
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