1. Free YouTube Subscribe Like Share Banners

    Hey guys. I made these free Banners for YouTube channels. Feel free to use them and if you like my work please give me a like! YouTube Thanks!
  2. 💬 Review YouTubers life

    Name of the app you are reviewing: YouTubers life A YouTube based game. Partly a choice game. Review: YouTubers life. Ever wanted to be a rich and famous Youtuber, But you lack the courage, smarts or a witty personality? Well then say no more, YouTubers life is a video game about being...
  3. videos ✨

    what is your favorite video (on youtube or somewhere else)? mine is a short clip presenting shaun hastings to be a part of ac:b 😅
  4. Who's your favorite person from Try Guys?

    For anyone who hasn't heard of the try guys before, they are a group of guys trying out stuff/activities (like drag show, ballet, acupuncture, wearing high heels, cracking bones) just for the heck of it. They are pretty funny and wholesome fellows, watching their videos is a good way to spend...
  5. youtube sub. event

    hey everyone where do i need to upload screenshot to confirm i subbed sbenny youtube channel. I want shiny SB Points lel
  6. Who am I?

    Title of your introduction thread: Who am I?How did you find us? Well I type a hacking app then I was this on website with your name on it Which types of games do you usually play? Any games Something about me: Well I wanted to grow YouTube since I was in 6th grade and try to find a way to...
  7. How to do screenrecorder video on Android with clear internal audio?

    Hi there, i've been trying to do this several times but always got poor audio. It is like i am standing in the middle of a crowded market, do you have any idea about how to do this better so i can achieve better quality?
  8. 📖 eBook Download It Gets Worse by Shane Dawson

    Name of this eBook: It Gets Worse by Shane Dawson eBook Description: In this new collection of original personal essays, Shane goes even deeper, sharing never-before-revealed stories from his life, giving readers a no-holds-barred look at moments both bizarre and relatable, from...
  9. Fantasy High, anyone?

    Have you watched this show on YouTube? If not, then it's called Dimension 20: Fantasy High by CollegeHumor. The show is simply a Dungeons and Dragons campaign except it has highschoolers for heros and 1950's-1980's America as setting. There's not much graphics in it, just awesome storytelling...
  10. What is the best YT downloader

    Hey guys, What YT downloader do you use on your smartphone? I personally use Videoder, but I want some tips from you if you have some. Thank you :dragon:
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