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  1. youtube sub. event

    hey everyone where do i need to upload screenshot to confirm i subbed sbenny youtube channel. I want shiny SB Points lel
  2. SB Cash Weekly/Monthly Bonus

    Hey there! I think it would be great if users got a SB Points bonus after logging in everyday for a whole week, for example 10 cash for a full week. And/or another 20 SB Points if you logged in every single day for a whole month. It would be a way of rewarding users that log in often, but...
  3. Bank and SB Cash System

    First of all, hello to everybody! :p In a recent post, I've mention some changes about the banking system which will ultimately affect the economy of the forum. As I mentioned, it is probably due to the current 100,000 SB Points contest which is affecting the value itself. So to keep the SB...
  4. Birthday gift

    Sometimes people forget about their birthday (which is my case) or are left forgotten from the day of their existence. But I think people would feel more welcome when they login to find something special in there account, small rewards such as extra SB Points. We're not asking for something too...
  5. Greetings all!!

    Title of your introduction thread: Greetings all!!How did you find us? I think I found by sheer serendipity. It must have been predestined by the Fates themselves. Which types of games do you usually play? Puzzles and slot games mostly. I also like apps that gives my phones etc...
  6. VIP Content

    Hello. I want to drop by to talk about VIP area specifically free users purchasing VIP content on it. I wanted to point out that the price of SB bucks for purchasing one content is too much for a free user unless he/she buys more bucks or better just apply for a VIP membership, From what I saw...
  7. SBenny Forum App Ads?

    Could there be a possible 30 second ad option with earning SB Points? Many games do this and I PROMISE not to try and patch the app with Lucky Patcher. XD