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  1. 🎮 MOD APK Chapters: Interactive Stories V1.6.3 Free Premium Choices & Day Pass

    Chapters: Interactive Stories V1.6.3 Free Premium Choices & Day Pass Chapters: Interactive Stories v1.6.3 Credits to: bbwi Download Link-=Stripped Content=- Choose your story with Chapters. This game lets you experience the story in an interactive form. It's not a "choose...
  2. How to cheat Chapters : Interactive Story Banned

    Soo.. I just want to share in case you are addicted to Chapters but got banned notification, reinstall the game and still got banned 😁 First, I realized this is not about amount of your diamonds but their security system detect the hack (because I am new to the game and just made one purchase)...
  3. Chapters Interactice Stories hack not working anymore

    Hello guys. Is anyone here playing Chpaters Interactive Stories? I've been playing this game with a hack since last year. But last time when I opened the game, crazymaplestudio (maker of the game) detects that I have insane amount of diamonds and tickets and they need to close my account. So I...
  4. CHAPTERS: Interactive Stories Banned work around

    Hi everybody! Incase i posted in the wrong category or section I'm sorry, it's my first time to post. Please let me know how to correct it. 😇 I just wanted to share that my account for Chapters: Interactive Stories got banned, probably because i bought too much items.. but i found a way...
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