1. Sleep for an Undead

    A vampire imagines death but not death, just ceasing to exist. *** Imagine finding her rest at last. Julia's shoulder blades dug in the dark, fertile earth. Ginger hair fanned around the light smattering of grass from where she lays. Her unblinking eyes followed the endless travel of the...
  2. HELP PLS: music files missing after transferring to EXT SDCard. What to do? Chance for recovery?

    Hi! 🙂 I am just copy pasting my reply to @SusieQ 's post, with a few revisions. :) I have recently tried to transfer all my songs to my external SD Card. To my dismay, I couldn't seem to find it. ☹️ I've noticed that the space consumed is the same as the size of all my files, so I assumed it...
  3. 🎮 MOD APK ESLock File Recovery Mod

    Name Of The App ESLock File Recovery Mod Version Number 1.5.9 Playstore Link No Root Needed Online App/Game - N Mod Features Premium Purchased App Unlocked [Full] All Pro Features Unlocked No Ads License...
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