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  1. Visual Novels

    Hello, Sbenny family! I am creating this off-topic thread to see if there are any visual novel fans in the forum, and if so, what are some of your favourites? I am doing this as I am at a loss at the moment on what to play next as I have read pretty much all my favourite Choice of Games and...
  2. Hello everyone

    I have been here for a long time, but I have never introduced myself, I do this in order to make a game request. My name is Eva Black, I love visual novels, dating sims with the option of same-sex relationships (which is not so much), so you can advise me something if you want.
  3. The Arcana

    The Arcana? The characters are AWESOME and the stry is just perfect. The only problem with it is that to make your character remotely intelligent you need to pay money for further choices.
  4. Favorite Visual Novel/Otome Game??

    Beeeeen very addicted to visual novels and otome games lately, tell me what your favorites are and I m sure I'll give it a try hehe:dinodance:
  5. What are the best PC visual novels ?

    Hey! I was wondering if anyone could recommend to me some good visual novels for the PC. I've been getting really into the mobile scene of it but I know there's some good PC ones. Where should I start? Thank you!