voltage lovestruck

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  1. Hello I'm just here for Lovestruck!

    Title of your introduction thread: Hello I'm just here for Lovestruck!How did you find us? Looking for a Modded App, Which types of games do you usually play? Otomes on mobile at least Something about me: I am 20 years old, I love anime and video games, I am an artist traditionally at...
  2. How do i pay for game mods?

    Hi! I joined this forum yesterday and i've been trying to get a hang of the way things work here. I've been able to get a few SB Points from reviewing one of my favourite games but now i want to make use of it but i don't know how. I've been looking for the mod link for the game lovestruck but...
  3. The current "invalid key hash" solution doesn't work

    Hello, this is my first time posting on a thread so im not sure what category to put this in. Anyway, whenever I try to log on to the modded version of Lovestruck: Choose Your Romance using Facebook, the invalid key hash notification keeps popping up. I've tried using the current solution where...
  4. Hello Everyone

    Wow I think this is the first time I've actually posted in a forum... I'm here mostly for the LOVESTRUCK mod apk but if any other games catch my attention I'm totally down to try them out! Thank you to all the adms that keep giving us amazing content!!! :kissdroid: