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  1. Hello I'm just here for Lovestruck!

    Title of your introduction thread: Hello I'm just here for Lovestruck!How did you find us? Looking for a Modded App, Which types of games do you usually play? Otomes on mobile at least Something about me: I am 20 years old, I love anime and video games, I am an artist traditionally at...
  2. ✅ Solved Need a MOD APK for Lovestruck Choose your Romance (New version 7.4)

    What's the name of the game you're asking help for? Lovestruck 5.7 mod apk or newer Is this game playable online only? Yes: this game can be played in online mode only. Is this a paid game? No Google Play link: What are the mod features...
  3. Loverstruck Hack Unlimited hearts and tickets !!!

    Hello people, please can anyone pass me an Apk with hack of tickets and hearts for the new version of loverstruck (5.8) !!!
  4. Dear Lovestruck users,

    I came back to Sbenny patiently waiting for the Lovestruck mod, only to find out @Sbenny won't update it anymore at all. I completely understand why because the message he replied to was disrespectful itself. I was kinda sad that there maybe would not be a new mod, but this is even worse. I...

    I decide to write this post to ask why @Sbenny team is being so disrespectful with lovestruck fans. Ok if the mod will no longer be available. We are going to feel sad but we do understand that everything in life has a begining and an end. But the team has being ignoring every post asking news...

    PRIDE SPECIAL 2018 HOLYYY HECK GUYS!!!! so just awhile ago, lovestruck released the new pride special and I just wanted to share the HYPE bc WOW I've been brought up, down, to the heavens, and back to the ground all over as I read through it!!!! My brain is still in keyboard smash mode, it IS...
  7. Hello Everyone

    Wow I think this is the first time I've actually posted in a forum... I'm here mostly for the LOVESTRUCK mod apk but if any other games catch my attention I'm totally down to try them out! Thank you to all the adms that keep giving us amazing content!!! :kissdroid: