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  1. Greatest OSTs

    YOU! What are some of the best soundtracks you've heard in your life and why? Movies, games, series, anime, everything goes!
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    Stranger Things Discussion Here is a place for everyone who loves Stranger Things to meet and discuss the show. Where do you think the next season will take us? Who is your favorite character? The possibilities are endless! If you include anything that may be considered a spoiler in your...
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    Welcome to the Official Game of Thrones Discussion Area! Here is a dedicated place for all lovers of the Seven Kingdoms to come and discuss their favorite parts of the show. If you include anything that may be considered a spoiler in your post, please make sure to use the spoiler warning...

    PRIDE SPECIAL 2018 HOLYYY HECK GUYS!!!! so just awhile ago, lovestruck released the new pride special and I just wanted to share the HYPE bc WOW I've been brought up, down, to the heavens, and back to the ground all over as I read through it!!!! My brain is still in keyboard smash mode, it IS...
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