1. Buenas :v

    Title of your introduction thread: Buenas :vHow did you find us? Encontré la página porque quiero descargar una app que solamente está gratis acá (supuestamente) Which types of games do you usually play? Indie, shooter, open World, Racing, etc. Something about me: Tengo que iniciar sesión...
  2. Announcement: New Community Team

    Hello Everyone! Welcome to all the new members of this site, and hello again to those of you that have been here for a while! This online community started off as a way for like-minded people to meet and share game mods, but now it has become so much more. This site is no longer just a...
  3. Hello world

    Hi guys , im new on this forum , im from latinoamerica :D ... Thank you and have a nice day :cheekydroid:
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