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  • Hi, Debbie! On April 16, I bought the mod: Secret Society - The Hidden Secret v1.44.4701 cheat menu. The game says: the version is outdated. Could you please update.
    Hello, Debby!Please help me, I do not know what to do.You The Wizard of Oz Magic Match 3 MOD v1.0.6110 added a mod today, I downloaded it, entered my username and license, writes Login successful and does not run the game at all
    Hi,Debby! Please, I beg, I beg, I'm on my knees, help me update the game the wizard of oz magic match 1.0.6060, there is no one else to turn to
    Hello, Debby! Thank you very much, very much for the quick hacking of the game, wonderful, I will only buy the game from you later, because I have very few SB points at all now, because I have all the points that I had all gone to your game
    Hi,Debby! Please, I beg, I beg, I'm on my knees, help me update the game the wizard of oz magic match 1.0.6055, there is no one else to turn to
    Debby, I just installed your June's Journey Hidden Objects update and was warned by Wooga for a ban if I repeat using an unofficial program.
    Hello! Please help me update the game the wizard of oz magic match 1.0.6015, there is no one else to contact
    Hi Debby, I just bought
    Scatter Slots v4.54.0 Unlimited Money Hack (updated)

    but the game keeps crashing as soon as it tries to start using bluestacks.
    do you have a fix for this.

    i have tried it on nox player also and it works but i cannot sign into my facebook to load my profile.
    To fix the facebook login, just disable or, preferable, uninstall the Facebook Apps which come with Nox Player and it'll work fine :)
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    Hello Debby, I came here to ask if an update to the Event Horizon apk would be possible. Current version is 1.10.2 and it seems that your modified version is the best aviable in the whole internet, as others haven't been able to do what it does (The research points).

    Would it be possible to double the research point amount to 120k or something? If not, don't bother. I don't want to annoy you with more begs : P
    Hello there Debby, excellent work. An update of the Fighting Fantasy Classics app with the latest books would be lovely. Looks like they ended up removing it for purchase on Play so I guess it would be the final version.
    And there it is. Hey, thanks ;).
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    Can you check the double win vegas slot mod ? Cannot get big win for every win. Did I miss out something when I install it ? Thanks
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