Fire Emblem Echoes - Shadows Of Valentia {CIA File - Full Paid Game + DLC + Cheat Plugin}


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Game Description:
Warring gods divided this continent into two kingdoms: Zofia and Rigel. A divine accord maintained a truce for centuries – but no longer. The echoes of war ring out across the land once again.
It will take the power of two armies – in parallel – to bring peace back to the continent of Valentia.

Installation Instructions:
1. Download CIA Files
2. Turn Off Your 3DS & Remove The SDcard.
3. Insert The SDcard Into Your PC & Copy the CIAs to your 3DS SDcard and place in you "cia" folder
4. Insert your SDcard back in your 3DS & Turn It On
5. Open The FBI App & Select "SD" Then "CIAs"
6. Select To install The CIA You Want. If you Don't Have FE:Echoes, install that first, then the DLC.
If you already have the game and just want the DLC, Install that, but first go under your 3DS settings, data management and delete your current FE:Echoes DLC.
7. Return To Your 3DS Homescreen & Unwrap Your Free Game :D
8. Enjoy

Must have a modded 3DS to install this CIA file. There are also cheats for this, but you must have a modded 3DS for that as well .
If you do not have a modded 3DS or know how to mod one, please Google it for now. I will do my best to compile a tut for that later.
Instructions To Install Cheat Plugin Are In The Download File.

List Of Cheats

Credits To: ☠Axiom Verge☠

Download link(s):
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This DLC includes the May 25 update, which has...
The Undaunted Heroes Pack
Lost Altars Pack (Overclasses)
& The Free Mila's Bounty 1 + 2, along with previous DLC.
This was tested on the latest version of FBI on a US 3DS with Luma3DS emuNAND on 11.4 firmware and a US 3DS on Luma3DS boot9strap on 11.4 firmware.

You can see other DLC, but they are not playable. I will update this topic as future DLC comes out. Check here for Nintendo's release schedule for later packs:
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-benzóico. :pulgares hacia arriba: Muchas gracia


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Thank you @Axiom I was just looking at this post but then I realized what you said about having a modded 3ds I'll hopefully get a 3ds soon

And how do you get the 3ds modded or mod it yourself??


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Thank you so much for this, I can't wait to try it but before I do I'm wondering if this will work with the new 3ds xl?