How To Download From Torrenting Sites Without Using Torrent Apps

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I'm not sure if another member already posted a similar topic; but let me share this information. So far, upon checking there is none. Everyone knows how torrenting sites work, so I won't discuss that. We would most likely use VPN or injector app to mask our IP, especially for some countries with strict laws. In my case, I use injector app to make use of data allocation specific only to certain sites restricted by my ISP, so that I can consume the mbs on almost all sites except on downloading torrents. Thus, I save my internet consumption. You can only download torrent files using Torrent apps on a non-private connection. Woohoo! I found a way.

Okay, here we go. There are many online torrent clients you can choose from. Just search for '10 Best Online Torrent Clients' on Google. I personally like seedr because it's user-friendly and no-brainer.

Just paste the link address you copied from your favorite torrenting site and voila!


You may download the file/s directly on to your phone or use any download manager you want. I use Download Manager for large files or slow internet connection so that I could resume if download is disrupted.

My preferred online torrent client only provides free 2GB storage but is very fast and easy to use (as seen above).
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yes. your VPN won't recognize you are downloading torrent file/s if you upload it first on a cloud torrent client. I recommend seedr because it's very easy to use. You see in my screenshots they had the P logo (Psiphon) or key icon while downloading Black Widow, that means I was using a private connection. The file will be treated as a regular download.


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This has to be the most useful post I've seen in a while. Just installed Transmission on my Ubuntu laptop because I wasn't aware this method existed. Most clients suck for Linux anyway so I'm gonna give this method a go too. :D

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