🎮 MOD APK Edit photo Lumii v1.211.60 Premium unlocked 7 day trial, then for 1 year & No Ads(updated) (updated)


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Edit photo Lumii v1.211.60 Premium unlocked 7 day trial, then for 1 year & No Ads(updated) (updated)

Edit photo Lumii V 1.211.60

 MOD Features   How to install

MOD Author: Marialisa
Type of release: Paid

Download Link: (need help? Watch this video tutorial)
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  • Photo editor with presets! Edit free photos with filter, effects, curve and HSL.

    As a powerful free professional photo editor, Lumii appreciates simplicity and practicality. With simple simple and quick touches you can edit photos in a professional way and create works of high artistic quality without any professional skills.

    Lumii, the best photo editing app, offers all the advanced photo editing tools and the extraordinary photo filters and photo effects for image editing, improves images. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a professional, the Lumii professional photo editor will be the best choice among a wide range of photo editing applications.

    What you can do with Lumii (FREE Photo Editor and professional photo effects app):

    Filters photos
    ✦ Filters with a refined design for images and photographic effects, make your photos stand out and take them to a new level. The best app for photo filters and photo editing for Instagram.
    ✦ Add perfect photo filters, such as Film, LOMO, Retro, etc.
    ✦ Fine adjustment for the strength of the photo filter.

    Photo effects
    ✦ Exquisitely designed photo effects, make your photos stand out. The best application for the photo effects editor.
    ✦Add exclusive custom photo effects, such as Glitch, Loss of light, Double exposure.
    ✦ Fine adjustment for the strength of the photo effects.

    HSL Color Mode
    ✦ Easily control hue, saturation, luminance (HSL), support for 8 color channels, professional RAW photo editor.
    ✦ Completely FREE and advanced HSL adjustment.

    Curves for photos
    ✦ Powerful curve tools for professional photo editing.
    ✦ Advanced adjustment with 4 color options.
    ✦ Free photo editor with curves and colors.
    ✦ Cancel functionality to easily correct the change.

    Double exposure
    ✦ The best mix photo editor, creates stylish double exposure effects for images, a simple and powerful aesthetic photo editor application.
    ✦ Many aesthetic photo editor models to choose from, edit photos perfectly.

    Glitch Photo Editor
    ✦ Amazing application of glitch photo effects to edit images, such as VHS, vaporwave, etc. Free and fun glitch photo editor.
    ✦ Easily adjust the value of photo effects to suit different scenes. The fastest glitch photo editing app 2019.

    Basic editing tools
    ✦ Adjust brightness, contrast, highlights, heat, shadows, sharpness, exposure, etc.
    Selective options for image enhancement, the best image editor and image filters.
    ✦ Check the strength of all photographic properties.
    ✦ User-friendly editing tools for Android. The best photo editor pro.

    ️Rotate and crop photos
    ✦ Crop the photo freely (in any proportion).
    ✦ Crop the photo to fit it to social media reports.
    ✦ Rotate the photo to a perfect angle, horizontal, vertical etc.
    ✦ Ultra-fast rotation and crop photos as you like.

    Add text to photos
    ✦ Add text to photo with many characters to select.
    ✦ Add text to photo and apply different styles in one text.
    ✦ Best image and effects editor with text.

    History of the photo library
    ✦ Import photos from your gallery based on albums.
    ✦ Support for editing photos.
    ✦ Quickly identify edited photos in your gallery.

    With all the powerful and distinctive features above, Lumii helps you become an expert at editing photos and finding endless fun all this time. Edit cool photos with Lumii to get professional quality!

  • No: you can play and install this app without root permissions.

    Yes: you need an active Internet Connection to play this game.

  • Premium unlocked, 7 day trial, then for 1 year

  • This is NOT a traditional MOD: this is a "Pre-Patched APK" and you MUST have LP (Lucky Patcher ) installed in your device to use this. You do not need to create a patched apk but only to tap "YES" when prompted by LP. Be sure you're using the last version of LP to make sure it works for you (guide about how to use lucky patcher here)., This is a SPLIT APK. In order to install this, you need to install the "Split APK Installer " App on your phone. Then, open it, tap on"Install APKs" and select the downloaded file in order to install it.

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This release is outdated! Go to last page to find the new version link!

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