crack in-app purchases

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  1. I need help

    I am new to modding and I am clueless on how to make in-app purchases free could anyone walk me through the process
  2. how moded this app muslima

    Hey guys .I'm newp can someone help me to moded this app muslima com.cupidmedia.wrapper.muslima please i try many times but not work so i give up if anyone can help me to do it and tell me how he did it please
  3. Is it possible to view a modded app to see what change were made to 'mod' it and apply those changes to the new version?

    As the title says. I do have some apps which are 1 or 2 versions below the latest release from the developer. These modded apps have features like no more ads and premium features unlocked. Would it be possible to view the modded, older version of the app to see what was done to unlock all the...
  4. Mod apk SB Patcher Official v9.8.9.9 stable ['s official patcher]

    SB Patcher Official beta v9.8.9.9 ['s official patcher] Name of the app: SB Patcher Official (beta) Version: v9.8.9.9 Root needed? No: you can play and install this app without root permissions. Internet required? No: you can play this app without Internet. App Description...