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Poison Modz

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BattleStrike Commando Gun Game v1.40

MOD Features  How to install

Credits to: PoisonModz
Type of release: Free

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  • Fight beyond imagination: Enjoy action-packed shooting with simplified missions.

    Head-to-head shooting games combat levels are designed exclusively for gun fights. Dmitri, a young boy transforming FPS games, commando soldier, PVP shooter, fights alone against an invaded shooting games army. But this is just the beginning of endless commando FPS war games. Dare for sniper shooting challenges with FPS strike as PVP shooting game in Warzone action fighting games.

    Live for nothing or die for something
    Remember FPS Warrior games are the only surviving fighters and snipers. Get training from local militia for PVP first person shooter commando mission, use military grade weapons and fight by any means necessary. Use shooting game tactics to win the Battle Royale war. BattleStrike Commando Gun Game APK is the right choice for those looking for Action, Shooter, Bulletstorm, Casual, Single player, Stylized, Offline apps. Get ready for action games and arena battles.

    Last Man Standing Survival:
    The entire city is a PVP shooting mini army militia battlefield in shooting games. Being a hacked app, you might think BattleStrike Commando Gun Game is difficult to install or unsafe, but it's not! BattleStrike Commando Gun Game APK is very easy to install and if you face issues, just reply below and I'll help you. Get your real Call for Duty commando gun and make epic war game movie with FPS attack mission as PVP shooting game. In the lonely and deserted places of FPS gun games, become a PVP shooter who can bring the world of sniper games back to life.

    Zombies Mode:
    The scariest zombies are coming as PvP shooting game in sniper games. Fight from start to finish and eliminate as many creatures as possible from fps strike game in war zone. The real commando must experience war games. And remove the biggest threat from the fun battlefield of the game. Drag scary creatures everywhere during the secret FPS mission of army games on duty. Dare for unlimited offline FPS shooting games and attacks in amazing ultimate commando fighting game levels. FPS attack requires PVP commando shooting game which can survive in the war of fighting games and spread peace in the warring region.

    Every battle counts:
    Destroy shooting game enemies with latest weapons and weapons with variety of customizable options against doodle sniper army games. Show your metal and fps survive online shooting games. PVP shooting game eliminates invading forces. Take on all the action game's iconic encounters with all your might in counter-commando first-person shooter PVP.

    PVP Shooting Custom Weapon Inventory Shooting Games:
    Carry gun of FPS commando attack games with different skins and outfits via in-app purchase. Increase the strength of fps commando frontline shooting games by performing secret mission as PVP shooting game. Carry perfect war zone equipment and show the awesome resistance in secret missions of real commandos in shooting games. Succeed as a PVP shooter for more firepower in action games. The best weapons in fighting games are destroyed in less time. Unlock arcade shooter options against opponents or multiplayer games.

    Ambush attacks as a PVP shooter:
    Create strategies for surprise assaults in shooting games. Use grenades during ambush to wreak havoc in shooting games. Frighten the invaders with total domination. Use a digital tactical attack system for optimal results.

    Upcoming Adventure for FPS Strike:
    Now it's time to embark on an action-packed war on city streets in PVP shooting games. Choose every soldier who occupies the native land in adventure games. Every moment of decision changes the situation in fps shooting games. Reclaim the fire games territory and become a historical warrior. Awaken the PVP shooting game and invade the army, crush them and let them taste the worst defeat ever seen in real shooting games.

    BattleStrike War Shooting Games Features:

    ● Huge zombie shooting battles
    ● Ultra-realistic graphics for next-generation battlefields
    ● Characteristic impact of powerful weapons
    ● Top-notch gameplay and 3D sound effects
    ● Unique strategies of FPS shooting games
    Ready to play? Download now BattleStrike Commando Gun Game APK for free, only at!

    You can play and install this app without root permissions.

    You can play this game even without any Internet Connection.

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  • 1. God Mode
    2. One Hit Kill
    3. Rapid Fire
    4. No Reload
    5. High Range
    6. Unlimited Ammo
    7. Unlock All Chapters

    1. If you see your gun in pink colour, it's a game problem.
    2. There are a lot of ads in this game so I tried to remove ads, sorry if ads still appear.

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