LP mod apk Finn & Ancient Mystery: Platformer an Adventure V 1.3.13 + mod_ Gems & more + Free in app purchases (updated)

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Finn & Ancient Mystery: Platformer an adventure V 1.3.13

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Credits to: Marialisa
Type of release: Paid

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  • Fight, run and jump and defeat enemies in a unique platform adventure! Run and jump! New platform hardcore. Run, jump and fight with huge bosses. 3 000 000 people have already passed and can you? Join the well acclaimed Finn for a journey through 7 magical platform worlds, destroy 6 boss giants, master magic and saves the world, because you are the chosen, what the strength has to do it! Are you getting bored? Are you looking for a breath to remove? A new platform with a brave volpine called Finn will make your days interesting and brilliant! You must discover the mystery of the clans and find hidden crystal artifacts to protect the world by the ancient destructors. History is rich in unexpected folds! The hero will face tragedies, betrayals, new knowledge and incredible adventures! You will not know how to distinguish friends from the enemies until it will try it on his skin. This 2D adventure game will give you the opportunity to wield a sword and to make good use of your mind, since you won't just fight for your life, but also solve entertaining puzzles! You will face unique missions and you will have to work a bit with your head to reach the next metroidvania level. Don't forget to let your character work to make it stronger and more resistant! Beautiful and exciting gaming graphics: • Aviation through breathtaking levels: frozen permafrost, thirsty deserts, tropical green landscapes, prisons, ruins and the world over time. • Platform levels are full of various obstacles and traps that fly, rotate, shoot and strike in every possible way. • Discussions with dangerous and unusual enemies - a variety of monsters, and also devices. • Find the weak point of every boss and defeat them! Game function: • Use your sword and magic to defeat enemies. • SALTA AND ROUND, avoid attacks and traps. • Game and collect all treasures scattered in Metroidvania! • Make your ability to defeat enemies faintly. Inestimable experience will make you a great swordsman and a magician expert! •
    Esplora platform levels and look for secret rooms to collect vessels with magical potions. The potions will help you become even stronger! •
    Esplora all the objects you happen to you in hand. Remember that even an innocuous wooden barrel could hide a secret. • Assicurates to make intelligent choices - think and solve the puzzles to achieve hidden artifacts. Let it be the most unforgettable adventure of your life! Download Finn & Ancient Mystery: Platformer An adventure and starts right away! The game is translated into the following languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Portuguese.

    You can play and install this app without root permissions.

    You need an active Internet Connection to play this game.

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  • Gems & Much More + Free in app purchases

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