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LifeSimulator - Chinese Life v1.9.19

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Credits to: Daniel
Type of release: Paid

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  • "Life Simulator: Chinese life" is a simulated text-based game. Everything in the game is random, thus you have more freedom. You will be randomly assigned to a family in a city by the system. Then you will experience all kinds of experiences, such as working and starting a business, getting married and having children, getting old and die. You can also experience the things that you always want to do in real life but dare not do. Your gender, attributes and talents are set randomly, but your every choice can change your destiny. You can experience countless lives in this game and get different results. If you want to be a successful person, please give full play to your intelligence!

    Here are our highlights:

    1.Rich stories, huge Chinese life details, and the addition of development strategy. For example: the feelings between friends and relatives, the hardships of work, the romance and fighting between lovers, and all kinds of crises in old age, etc.

    2. Career is more diversified, more in line with real life, rather than exaggerated. Every different job contains different events, and the results will be different. In addition to working, you can also start a business. Through efforts, a poor child can be a rich adult. Meanwhile, your descendants can also join your company to create business brilliance with you.

    3. The characters in the game, such as friends, brothers and sisters, parents, husband and wife, children, neighbors, colleagues and so on, are very vivid people. They all have their own ideas and will take the initiative to interact with you. They will have a real impact on your life.

    4. Cultivation and education of future generations: in order to pay homage to Chinese parents, we have absorbed a lot of their advantages. But if you don't educate your children well, the tragedy of children fighting for property and old people not being supported is also possible.

    5. After retirement, your life is no longer boring. You can go to Elder College, do square dancing, and have old school reunions.

    There are too many highlights to list one by one. Please download the game and experience it directly!

    You can play and install this app without root permissions.

    You need an active Internet Connection to play this game.

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The mod works perfectly, having the VIP mode unlocked really helps with the annoying bits of the game, such as an running low on energy be by doing the basics, but it should be used with caution as the game can become quite boring, pretty fast if you finish your goal for each life before they get near death, you will end up either having to change paths or just skipping years after that.
The game does remember Life it quite a while and in some points, its better than it's "twin" game, as it is more realistic and offers a bit more of interaction between family and pets, the jobs and careers also feel more realistic, and there are plenty of options of raising your skills w/o wasting money.
on the other hand, it's harder to make friends outside the family, and the conversation/interactions start repeating themselves after a while, which can be annoying.


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hi i cant play the game. everytime i open it, it loads for a few seconds and goes back to ny homescreen. what do i do?


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Game works great! Thanks for the MOD! 100% working! Pls accept 5 stars for a job well done
(⁠つ⁠≧⁠▽⁠≦⁠)⁠つ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


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honestly, at first I was very hesitant to download it here, but... IT WORKS OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH😭😭
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