LP mod apk Breaker Fun Bricks Ball Crushed Rescue Game 1.2.2 free in app purchases


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Breaker Fun Bricks Ball Crushed Rescue Game 1.2.2 free in app purchases

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Breaker Fun v1.2.2

 MOD Features   How to install

MOD Author: MattJones | More releases by
Type of release: Paid

Download Link: (need help? Watch this video tutorial)
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  • Break bricks to save the man! Most exciting bricks breaker and rescue game.

    Breaker Fun, the FIRST brick breaker game with rescue puzzles. ☄🆘
    Crush and break balls to save the man!

    The man is trapped and drowning in the jungle, you need to crush and break all the bricks to help him escape. All you need to do is to break as many bricks and blocks as you can at once to earn gems and pass levels in this fast-paced bricks ball crusher game.

    Over 3000 free levels to challenge your ball breaker skills and solve the rescue puzzles. And don't worry, we have many special balls and surprise boosters to help you overcome obstacles and get you through tough levels.
    Just crush and break all the bricks to rescue the poor man!

    Game Features:
    ● Unique Adventure Theme: The FIRST ball crusher game with rescue plots.
    ● Easy & Relaxing gameplay: smooth control to shoot balls and break bricks
    ● Free To Play: many bonus gems and power-ups are ready
    ● No Wi-Fi or cellular data required: break balls anytime and anywhere

    How to Play:
    ● Tap and hold on the screen, move the balls and find the best angle to shoot
    ● Try to break bricks as many as possible with a single shot
    ● Use different kinds of boosters to wipe out bricks and obstacles

  • You can play and install this app without root permissions.

    You can play this game even without any Internet Connection.

  • Free In App Purchases Enjoy your game

  • Download the desired APK file and tap on it to install it on your device. Make also sure to uninstall your game first if you have it installed!, This is NOT a traditional MOD APK: this is a "Pre-Patched apk" and you MUST have LP (Lucky Patcher ) installed in your device to use this. You do not need to create a patched apk but only to tap "YES" when prompted by LP. Be sure you're using the last version of LP to make sure it works for you (guide about how to use lucky patcher here) (or the one available at the time this thread has been created). You can download Lucky Patcher by clicking here., This is a SPLIT APK. In order to install this, you need to install the "Split APK Installer " App on your phone. Then, open it, tap on"Install APKs" and select the downloaded file in order to install it. If the app doesn't install for some reason, open the settings at the top-left of Split APKS Installer and enable the "Sign APK" option and then try again.

  • 😥 No videos yet. If you would like to thank MattJones and gain some extra SB Points, record your gameplay and share it here.

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