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It's disheartening and very frustrating to see the lack of common courtesy in some member's replies on post topics ( to reveal links ) ..

For those who are unaware, we ALL modders & ALL staff do NOT get paid to work here.

We all VOLUNTARILY make mods to share with this community. We do this from kindness, not for monetary gain. We, like all of you, have lives outside this forum. Yet we take the time (countless hours ) to mod, unlock, crack apps & games and we GIVE and SHARE them with you freely out of kindness. So when you're replying to get links, please take 5 seconds and say "THANKS."

I see time after time members leaving replies such as:

  1. " Give me download link "
  2. "Is this worth it"
  3. Random Spammend letters and numbers
  4. As well as many more disrespectful comments
It only takes 3 seconds to type a simple "Thank you" yet people don't bother with manners.

And for those whom choose to leave "spam" (random letters & numbers) it's not only extremely disrespectful but its also STRICTLY FORBIDDEN here.

So when leaving your next reply for links please keep this in mind.
For all of you who DO say thanks, or leave respectful comments, thank you for setting an example for others.

On a personal note, I spend many hours not just modding apps to share, but like my fellow staff members working behind the scenes at all hours, day & night.

I love to help this community, my door is always open to anyone in need of help. Im happy to fill requests etc. I only ask for the basics of common courtesy in return.
Best Regards ,

SBenny Staff Team.
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I also add that from now on I'll be a lot more severe and a single disrespectful comment will result in a ban, varying from a week, to a permanent ban. So, be nice, or you'll not deserve to be here. Same applies to youtube, where 90% of my hacks are spread with spammy comments or hack requests or any other content which is completely unrelated to the videos I share and record.

To any modders out there: feel free to report each inappropriate comment. I'll manage it and ban when needed.


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simple, where it says to reply in order to see content, word that to state no random spam/letters/insults etc however you want to word it, reminds ya on every release:p
We were referring to the post itself, he added it to the pm sent to new members upon joining. I was saying the post should also be someplace else too . ( maybe stickies at top of games and app releases) but I think too much hahaha, Sbenny has already added the link to this post in those pm's but unfortunately not everyone bothers to read the introduction pm.. .
However @s810car I do agree w/ you as well


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Sbenny has already added the link to this post in those pm's but unfortunately not everyone bothers to read the introduction pm.. .
errr... introduction pm? lol I think you just made your point :lol: lucky for me I somehow got this weird personality trait I never see on the internet, where I think people should use manners/have respect with one another. I know im weird right?


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Thank you for taking the time to unlock, crack and mod for others. Your releases are much appreciated even if everybody doesn't show it.
thank you very much I really appreciate that.


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My favorite mind you its from Alpha but when people would say "Thanks bro/man" on SusieQ's mods. Like jesus the name clearly indicates that SHE is a GIRL, the least you can do is not call her a MAN. Lol Sorry but that always bugged me. I know they were saying thanks but it just felt generic with a response like that. Anyway thanks for all you Modders do!
I know, its been a struggle since 2013-14 at AG..
But, with great & loyal followers like YOU I keep on . because its for people like you I volunteer to do this every day.
God Bless My Friend,


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Yea i agree modders here is very important more than anything they deserve RESPECT without them there is no modded apk that everyone enjoys they all want in return is too people appreciated there work and efforts for modding apk for hours the people way to respect them is by Saying a THANK YOU! not because the only way to unlock the link but with great appreciation...


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I would very much appreciate it if you could teach my OWN kids to say "thank you." Not necessarily to me, but at least to their mother. Sounds like you've had some success in this area. Pretty please with sugar on top?


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I dont know about others, but i am in love with this site and the friendly modders and the others stay here. Infact sbenny influenced me to be an youtuber, and i know i am a bit busy person but i am trying to learn mod myself so that i can help sbenny. I now a days stopped downloading anything from anywhere except sbenny. Thanks alot to all the modders and others who helped me and accepted me in sbenny family. Love you all.

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Courtesy is a good thing to show. And thank you all for allowing me in the group.
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Courtesy is a good thing to show. And thank you all for allowing me in the group.


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Segue, aside from courtesy, for me imo, its also the exclusivity that truly raises up the bar that counts. Its hard to Mod both Apps and Games so aside from being courteous, as much as possible if you can dont share the mods to non members thus, promote the group instead to them by them to be converts and official members then let them download it here, use SB Points, etc, because thats why were a loud and proud part of SBenny. Our Modders here devoted their time and effort to make these exclusively for all of us to enjoy or productively use.

For me when I started here, I know people are Helpful, Respectful, Honest and Disciplined and of course, Courteous. Had some same groups in the past and sorry to say they're barbaric to the core and if your lucky, you'll get Maligned (in that case I give back what language they showed me (Vim Enim Parit Vis) Give the Modders credit in any way we Mod Apk Patrons can. Believe me not a Modder or Self proclaimed programmer just know the principles of it but Modding is really hard and complex and can take years of experience and dedication. I emphatize with SusieQ on this Matter. By the way SusieQ, thank you for the Hardwork you've done for all of use from the day you've volunteered up to this very moment. Appreciate all the efforts including all the Modders here and SBenny for always, the swiftest support whenever you need it the most.

Anyway, you'll never find a group thats not only corteous but cares for their own, At Home here at SBenny.