What's behind your username?

Harry Severus

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Ya From my profile you can easily guess I am one of the POTTERHEAD. I admired Severus Snape more than Harry. So yeah Combination of Both Is my Username.......... Avada Kedavra To all Sbenny Haters
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I dont remember much but Tia was the name that I used to use in my stories but I stopped using it after I found out Tia was actually a girl's name 😅I didn't change it here as I don't know how🙂and also too lazy to change it as for hawk just one of the surname that I use for accounts username nothing interesting


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I personally think Tia Hawk is very fitting.
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I remember assuming every people in the world are Potterheads when I was a young child unless they tell me otherwise which is never since I never did ask.


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ROFL, if you're into RPGs....then you know that my name translates into a very compromising status effect(though I'm not sure of it should be classified as control or debuff)

Just make sure you make it to the toilet or the woods. FAST


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I really loved the name Mason and think I got it from The Vampire Diaries, or could possibly be a different show but 100% sure it was TVD. Also DROID was just android without the “AN”.
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Mine comes from my (admittedly quite odd) love of firearms and the bullets used in said firearms (plus the fact I've fired a 5.56 tracer round before and it's quite possibly one of the coolest things I've seen so far)
Well that's all folks


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As Illumae is a power phrase used in one of my fav books: Shades of Magic trilogy by V.E. Schwab. It basically translates to "illuminate" and it's used to create light. And nicely enough normally is a free nickname that no one uses xD


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It's actually a combination of the name of a franchise, the elder scrolls and the name of a track, which is called candesco.


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babi kecap enak!!!

kecap= soy sauce
enak= delicious

try to google 'babi kecap' for a better visual!


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for me its the latin word "Anno" which means "in the year" and as you could guess from that "1982" is the year of my birth


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I tried to create something that sounds cool, so I took shifter and removed the "t".

Now this is the name I use for my games and I can't think of better ones.


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Kuzuri/屈狸 means wolverine in Japanese, and wolverine is my favorite marvel character, plus it's an animal (i knew about that kinda late 😂), and 03 stands for year I was born.
Just a silly username, but I like it so much!
And hi to all who views my posts. ⭐


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I randomly decided to try making a wattpad account. My first choice was MoonOwl, as I thought the moon was beautiful and I had an interest in owls at the time (still kinda do). But the username was taken already. Me and my cousin were discussing what username I should use instead and she suggested the name Moonweaver. Apparently it came from a story that she had read in school. So I took it and here I am ig. :)